From CI to Yii

Yes It Is Simple! CodeIgniter Yii Global Reference $CI = &get_instance() Yii::app() Loading Classes $CI->load Yii::import Base URL site_url() Yii::app()->baseUrl URL creation site_url($path) Yii::app()->createUrl($route, $params) Routes routes.php main.php => urlManager Naming Underscore and Capitalization for classes camelCase everywhere other than

Slow terminal or SSH login in Ubuntu

Terminal login to Ubuntu using SSH takes upto 4-5 seconds and it can be frustrating at times. It does a reverse DNS lookup while authentication which makes it slow. The fix is easy. sudo vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config And add this line in

Git branching is easy and simple

Branching and Rebasing explained in easy steps This is a summary or a quick look at Git branching and rebasing. To learn Git Branching, I concluded the following things. What is a branch? To keep things more modular and isolated


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